In the Design Template section modify the number of text lines, font, font size, marker length, and other aspects as desired, then click the Template Designer button.

In the Template Designer, each individual piece of the marker is treated as a unique element. In the top Left of the Template Designer, you can see all the element types available to you, including additional Text elements, graphics, barcodes, and simple shapes. Hovering over an element on the marker will reveal the bounding box for it; left-clicking will select it, revealing anchor points that can be used to resize or rotate the element. Right-clicking on a selected element will reveal a context menu, from which you can open that element’s properties. The Properties window for any element makes every aspect of that element available to you, from the content itself to the size and rotation, the element properties are also available using the Object Inspector which will appear once the Template Designer has been opened (If the Object Inspector doesn’t appear simply click Ctrl + O)

Add/modify elements as desired, using the drag-and-drop functionality of the Template Designer in combination with the Properties window for each element.

Once your template is complete, if you wish to reuse the template navigate to File->Save (or Save As) to save this template for future use.

Click Apply to apply the template to the job.