1. Download Sumilabel from the SEI-ID website



2. Launch the Setup Wizard which should appear at the bottom 

of your internet browser similar to the image below.

You can also find the setup Wizard in the Downloads folder using Windows explorer

3). A Security prompt may appear click Run to continue.

4. Select Your Preferred Language

5. Click Next to continue the setup

6. Please Read the End User License Agreement and select I accept the agreement

Click Next to continue

7. The information Page Provides you with an overview of the following operating system requirements,

 installation notes, contact information & a summary of the licensing agreement.

Click Next to continue

8.  The default location for Sumilabel to install is C:\SumiLabel if you would like to change the 

location click Browse and select a new location.

Click Next to continue

9. Click Next to continue

10. Click Next to Continue

11. Next to create a desktop icon tick create a desk top icon or 

a quick launch icon please tick the respective box.

Click Next to continue

12. You will now see a summary of what you have selected.

 click Install to install SumiLabel

13. Next the Completing the SumiLabel Setup Wizard will appear here you can choose to

launch SumiLabel also review the latest Release Notes.

Click Finish to Continue

Note: When first opening SumiLabel the following Prompt may appear.

Click OK a new prompt will appear click update to receive the latest updates

If you would like to see the latest release notes, please tick Show release notes before updating

14. To Activate your SumiLabel Software go to Tools > Activate this will take you to the

Activation Prompt.

15. Internet Activation: To activate SumiLabel over the internet please ensure both Internet Status and Activation Server Status are green.

Next fill in the requested information and enter your unique serial number and click Activate.

No Internet Connection: Please refer to the Sumilabel Manual Activation Guide.

If you haven’t Received your Serial Number, please contact your Sales Representative

16. If your system has no access or restricted access to the internet the Internet Status will show an error and appear red.

You can still activate Sumilabel via your smartphone.

Click on the QR Button to the right of the activation code that has automatically been generated this will open a new window containing a QR code.

The QR code can be scanned via your smartphone using the QR scanner Free App found 

in the App Store & Google Play Store.

Once the QR code has been scanned your QR Scanner App may show you a link, 

click the link to receive your License Key, type this Code into the License Key field 

located at the bottom right of the activate window and click activate.