To download this guide please click the PDF attachment at the bottom of this page.

SumiTag printers are designed to automatically install their respective drivers.

Simply connect the printer to your computer and turn on once installed you will

receive a pop up in the bottom right corner of you screen the printer will also

show in the Devices and Printers Explorer as shown below.

Should there be an unexpected error the install may fail to 

manually install the printer please follow the following steps.

Please ensure the printer is switched off before proceeding.

1. Download the latest printer drivers from the SEI-ID website:

The downloaded folder should appear at the bottom of your browser the download 

can also be found in your browsers download section.

Open the downloaded folder by clicking on the download.

2. The printer driver folder should now open a new window shown below.

Click Extract all files.

3. Now the files have been extracted double click the PrnInst.exe file to 

launch the Printer installation wizard.

(you may be prompted with a security warning click Run to continue)

4. Click Next to select the type of printer you wish to install.

5. Select the printer you would like to install then click Next

6. Select the USB Port you using then click Next

7. Click Finish to install the printer

8. Open the Devices and Printers window hover over your printer driver right click

Click Remove Device

9You can now connect your printer via the USB cable and turn the printer on

the driver will automatically install.  

10. The printer should now be installed to check the connect open the

Devices and Printers Window right click on your printer and select Printer Properties.

Print a Test page by click on Print Test Page.

Please contact customer support should you require any support on

T: +44 (0) 1843 865241