To download this guide please click the PDF attachment at the bottom of this page.

To create Your New Print Job, Follow the following steps

1. Open the NEW JOB WIZARD on the taskbar

new job.JPG

2. Choose Product Grade in the Drop Down Box, This can be found on the material

inner core or the box it arrived in. i.e. CLHX.

Select Product Grade_opt (1).png

3. Select the part number in the drop down box. i.e. CLHX-75-15-WE-S. 

This will then bring up the Preview image of your selected product.

4. In the Design Template section select Number of LinesFont Style

Font Size. You can also choose to have your text Bold, Italic, Underlined or Strikethrough.

For this template we have used Font Ariel Size 12 on two Lines in Bold.

The Preview will change depending on what you select.

Once you have finished your Template Design Click OK to Go to the Set Editor.

design template font_opt (1).jpg

5. In the Set Editor you can,

Give the Set a name & Description

Collect Multiple Print Jobs together for use on the same component

Name individual jobs

Input your data to be printed (Via Manuel input, Drag & Drop or using the Import Wizard)

This guide shows manual input only.

6. Manual data Input

To manually input data tick Data entry mode this will allow you to enter your data onto your marker.


To move to the next text element press, Enter on your keyboard

7. Once you have entered your data press Enter again to pick the number of copies you require.

If you would like to add more data to a second marker press, 

enter to create a new marker if not untick the Data entry mode

8.  You are now ready to Print your markers to do this go to Print.

9.  Here you can view a preview of your markers before you commit to printing simply click Print Preview

Using Print Preview, you can Zoom in or out to view your markers the in more detail

Once you’re happy with your markers you can simply click Print from the Print Preview window 

or click Close to edit your markers

If you require any assistants, please contact customer service on

T: +44 (0) 1843 865241